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Patient Info

Dr Sperry is an expert in evaluating tumors in the head and neck for possible surgical treatment. Often, there are several different options for treatment of a new cancer. He works closely with colleagues in medical oncology and radiation oncology, to offer the best recommendations for treatment for each unique patient.

Dr Sperry specializes in treating tumors, infections, injuries, and other diseases in the head and neck. See below, and links and blog posts for further information.

Areas of Expertise

Transoral robotic surgery

Tongue cancer

Tonsil cancer

Thyroid cancer

Larynx cancer

Hypopharynx cancer

Sinonasal cancer

Salivary gland cancer

Melanoma head and neck

Head and neck Cutaneous cancer

Unknown primary neck cancer


Areas of Expertise

Common Procedures



Mandible composite resection


Transoral robotic surgery

Neck dissection

Microvascular Free flap reconstruction

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